Follow-Up Email to a Recruiter from a Job Board

Serena posted her resume (see Sample Resume for Account Manager in Sales / Marketing) on with the hope of getting a sales account manager job. After several weeks, she got an email from a recruiter who saw her posted resume. The recruiter said he wanted to talk with Serena about a job in sales, but didn't reveal the name of the employer he represents.

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About This Follow-Up Email

Without knowing a thing about who the employer was or what products and services they provide, Serena felt at a disadvantage. If she had known more, she could have written an email that targeted the needs of the employer, as well as attach a tailored version of her resume. With so little info, the best she could do was to ask for the employer's name and hope that the recruiter would respond.

Serena also asked for an appointment, or at least an approximate time, so that she could be free and prepared for the recruiter's phone call.

Here is Serena's follow-up email.

Subject: Serena Salvo, Sales Account Manager job

Dear Brendan,
Thank you for contacting me about the sales account manager job opening. Yes, I would like to speak with you about the position.

Would you be kind enough to send the website address for the company so I can be prepared for our conversation? Also, please let me know approximately when you will call, so I can clear my desk and be ready.

Thank you!
Serena Salvo
[email protected]