Follow-Up Cover Letter for COO of Data Management

This cover letter is Roger's first step toward a career change into a new industry. He's contacting someone he met at a casual event at a friend's house. It's a good example of how to seize an opportunity you find within your personal network and use it to advance your career.

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About This Follow-Up Cover Letter

Notice that this cover letter is very personable. That's because Roger has already had an in-person conversation with his reader, Mary. They're on a first-name basis and they have a friend in common, George. See how naturally the letter flows, using relaxed wording such as "jingle" instead of "phone call."

Here's the hardcopy letter Roger wrote. He could also have sent the body of this letter as a cover email with his resume attached.

Roger Plantain
11 Carters Bend Road
Danville, CA 12345
[email protected]

March 24, 20xx

Mary Del Maro
Datamanagement Ltd.
One Berkeley Park Blvd.
Alameda, CA 12345

Dear Mary,

It was wonderful meeting you at George's dinner party. I would never have guessed that we have so much in common, nor would I have imagined that a conversation with you would spark an industry change for me.

As you pointed out, my operations management skills are completely transferable into high-tech. I can easily picture myself as COO of Datamanagement. In fact, I'm enclosing a resume that targets that position.

Could we get together to explore the COO possibility? I'll give you a jingle in a few days to see when you're free for lunch.

Again, thanks for making my evening at George's a great one!


Roger Plantain

Enclosure: resume