Email Cover Letter for Docent

Bruce wants to work at the Exploratorium as a docent. He sends this email cover letter to entice the reader to download his attached resume. A big part of why this email cover letter works is that in just a few short lines, Bruce reveals his humor and personality, which are key to being a good docent.

Here's another thing Bruce could have done: He could have attached a formal cover letter. He chose not to do that because the docent position he is going after is part-time, volunteer, and casual. It just didn't seem to call for a formal letter, so he opted for this lighthearted email instead.

Take a look. Maybe there's something here you can use in your email cover letter.

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I found your job listing for a docent on Do you need someone who is flexible, professional, creative, and a great team member? Someone with a passion for science and education who loves answering questions? If so, I'm your man. I grew up in a family of scientist-educators and I have a "dinner-table-lecture-series degree" in science.

I am attaching my resume for your review. I look forward to discussing with you how I can be of help to the Exploratorium.
Thank you,
Bruce Rich