Cover Letter for Development Director

Here's a cover letter for a Development Director for a nonprofit. Louise addresses her letter to the hiring manager by name because she knows him through her volunteer and professional network.

Notice how Louise's letter starts with a quote that represents her professional philosophy for effective grant proposal writing. The rest of her letter shows how she has lived this philosophy and would like to continue doing so for this employer.

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In the second and third paragraphs, Louise presents her pitch for why she would be a good Development Director:

  • She's been a member of the organization for a long time.
  • She believes in its mission.
  • She's proven herself as a successful grant writer in the past.

This cover letter is in the hardcopy format — it has a heading, date, and inside address. Louise sent her letter and resume as attachments to her email. That way, the Executive Director could print it out or forward it easily to other decision-makers.

Sample Cover Letter for Development Director of a Nonprofit

Louise Dawson
1234 Janette Street
Willow, MA 12345
[email protected]

January 29, 20xx

Mr. Alex Cecil
Executive Director
147 Broadway
Boston, MA 12345

Dear Mr. Cecil,

"One of the most important elements of a well-written grant proposal is the writer's passion for the cause she or he is promoting." — Ray Moisa

I have a deep regard for your organization and I am a longtime member of the LEAF Club. As the Development Director for Life Environment Atmosphere and Future, I would apply my expertise in fundraising and grant writing, which would fulfill my interest in your mission: to work for the betterment of life in all of its forms.

I have been successful in securing grants in over 90 percent of the proposals I have drafted. In a recently completed project, I won a $1.2 million grant from a single foundation. An additional $.9 million for the same project came through a matching grant from a reliable corporate sponsor.

I would like very much to become more acquainted with the position of Development Director. Please contact me at 123-555-1234 or by email.


Louise Dawson

Attached: resume