Cover Letter Sample: Translator for Healthcare Services

This cover letter is an excellent example of how to present a career change to an employer. Scot's former career in administration falls into the background and it is his personal relationships and experience that get highlighted as key qualifiers for his new career as a translator for healthcare services.

In his letter, Scot presents his career change in two steps:

  1. In his third paragraph, Scot talks about his unpaid work experience to demonstrate his skill and passion for helping his friends and loved ones, as their translator and advocate in the healthcare system.
  2. In his fourth paragraph, Scot states that he is making a career change, while demonstrating his transferable skills.

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Career Change Featured in a Cover Letter

Scot Belmont
000 Reed Avenue
Davis, CA 00000
[email protected]

May 2, 20xx

Ms. Jazmin Medina
Translation Services
Stanford University Hospital
00 University Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 00000

Dear Ms. Medina,
I have a passion for helping people to better understand the health issues that affect their lives — and the sensitivity and communication skills to convey such an understanding.

The attached resume documents my work history. However, what's harder to demonstrate on paper is my intimate familiarity with what your ad calls "the cultural/perceptual factors that may have an effect on patient treatment and communication."

One of my best friends is Mexican and HIV-positive. My wife, who is Puerto Rican, is a long-term diabetic who recently underwent a kidney transplant. My experiences helping these and other people close to me to navigate the healthcare system have contributed immeasurably to my skill and commitment as a healthcare Spanish-language translator.

Although the bulk of my professional experience has been in the administrative field, the work I've done is closely related to your program's needs. I've made numerous trips to Latin America, where I served as a conduit between my boss and his Chilean partners — facilitating complex communications, just as I would between patients and their doctors.

I am excited by the idea of using my talents to benefit a world-class facility like Stanford University Hospital. I'll contact you next week to see when we could meet. Thank you.


Scot Belmont

Attached: resume