Cover Letter Sample for Marketing Coordinator

This cover letter sample for a Marketing Coordinator is sent to the hiring manager of Pretty Darn Smart, an educational software company. It is far from a form letter! It shows a clear intent to work for that company specifically. The job seeker, Sally, knows the Pretty Darn Smart product, is experienced in the educational software industry, and is up on the latest company goal of getting its most recent product launched.

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Notice that in the fourth paragraph, Sally makes it known that she is seeking a career change. After several years in software development, she wants to get back into her former line of work: marketing. In the same breath, she mentions her recent relocation from California to Georgia.

Take a look at how Sally presents her case for why she deserves a job interview as soon as possible.

Cover Letter Example: Marketing Coordinator, Educational Software

Sally Williams
0012 Ripple Road
Atlanta, Georgia 12345
(123) 555-1234
[email protected]

January 15, 20xx

Mr. Alfred Price
Petty Darn Smart, Inc.
0010 Peach Ave.
Melrose, GA 13281

Dear Mr. Price,
I know how urgently you want to get Pretty Darn Smart software into the hands of teachers throughout the U.S. Well, I'm eager to do the same. And with the growing competition in the educational software field, we need to join forces and get to our potential clients pretty darn quick!

That's right... I want to be your new marketing coordinator.

For nearly four years, I've been developing educational software for InteSoft in California. In fact, as a member of Intel's development team, I worked on "Dotting Your I's," the precursor to your "SwellSpell."

With my recent move to Georgia, I've decided it's time to go back to my original career and real love: marketing.

Let's talk soon — I'm ready to hit the ground running. I'll call you soon to see when I can drop by for a short visit. Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Sally Williams
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