Cover Letter Sample for Golf Course Turf Management

This cover letter sample for golf course turf management holds a few mysteries that will likely intrigue the reader, entice him into reading the attached resume, and then call the job seeker in for a job interview. There's a reason for the mystery: "Alex" wants to conduct a confidential job search.

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Notice how Alex keeps his identity secret while still giving his cover letter credibility.

  • The quotation marks around "Alex Beckenridge" in the cover letter heading indicates that this is not the job seeker's real name.
  • Alex gives hints at mutual business associates without mentioning their names.
  • In the second paragraph, Alex explains why his resume and cover letter are anonymous: He doesn't want to jeopardize his current job.

It is understood without stating it specifically that at the job interview, all will be revealed as far as who Alex is and where he currently works.

Sample Cover Letter for Turf Management at a Golf Course

"Alex Beckenridge"
000 Luna y Sol Drive
San Diego, CA 12345

August 29, 20xx

Mr. George Crmpltn
Greenridge Golf Course
000 Dorado Parkway
La Jolla, CA 12345

Dear Mr. Crmpltn,

Turf management is a skill I've honed over the last nine years. I was fortunate to begin my career under the mentorship of a truly fine professional in golf course management.

Because our industry is a small one, it's likely that we have mutual business associates. So as not to jeopardize my current position, I am submitting my resume under a pseudonym and have generalized employer "names."

I have many questions about how our interests match, as I'm sure you do. As soon as I receive written acknowledgment of this packet, I trust we can begin an open dialogue about how my expertise can enhance ground operations at Greenridge.

I will await your reply. Thank you!


"Alex Beckenridge"

Enclosure: resume