Cover Letter Sample for Director of Operations

This cover letter sample for Director of Operations at a hardware company uses a strong conversational approach. Tim reveals enough details to entice the reader to open his attached resume without writing a long letter.

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Tim wrote this cover letter when he was conducting a secret job search. At the time, he had a great job and didn't want to leave it (or be asked to leave it) until he had a new position lined up. So, in the last paragraph he asked his reader to "keep this application confidential." There was no guarantee the potential employer wouldn't let the cat out of the bag, but it was worth Tim's asking.

Example of a Cover Letter for Director of Operations

Tim Crestwood
00 Royal Oak Drive, #206
San Jose, CA 12345
[email protected]

Sept. 29, 20xx

Mr. Ysef Bmsxl
Golden Key Products, Inc.
00 Edinburgh Parkway, Ste. 400
San Jose, CA 12345

Dear Mr. Bmsxl,
For 19 years I have been a player in the Silicon Valley phenomenon. As Director of Operations, I've been instrumental in the startup, growth, downsizing, and now complete turn-around of a $3 million hardware manufacturer.

Yes, there were times when I wasn't sure about the future of our economy, but I never doubted that computer technology was here to stay. And I never stepped out of the inner circle of executive management, because I knew the key to our success lay in the power of the human mind.

Which leads me to what I can offer you. As you Director of Operations, I can pour all my expertise into developing your company into a giant. I've done it before — and I can do it again... for you!

I would like to sit down for a private conversation with you. Please email me if you would like to meet next week. Until then, I ask that you keep this application confidential. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Tim Crestwood

Attached: resume