Cover Letter Sample for Data Management

This cover letter to a Human Resources manager uses one of the best techniques for starting a cover letter: It refers to a mutual friend or associate in the first sentence. Dropping a name both grabs the reader's attention and serves as a recommendation. That's what the first sentence of this cover letter sample for data management achieves.

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About This Cover Letter Sample

After stating what job she is applying for, Alice's letter moves on to say why she is qualified for the position:

  • How much experience she has
  • Why her past employers liked her work
  • What makes her a good team player
  • Her eagerness to learn and accept new challenges

With these key points, Alice recapped what her resume presents in detail. In closing, she encourages her reader to examine her attached resume.

This cover letter is formatted as a hardcopy letter, which Alice sent via email as an MS Word attachment, along with her resume.

Cover Letter for a Data Management Job

Alice Grey
001 Grimshaw Dr.
Ypsilanti, MI 12345
[email protected]

June 2, 20xx

Ms. LaRhonda Crosby
Human Resources Manager
University of Michigan Credit Union
001 Third Street
Ann Arbor, MI 12345

Dear Ms. Crosby:

Ruth Elsner, who knows my work and qualifications well, suggested I contact you regarding a position in Data Management.

I have worked in data entry for nine years, and am thoroughly familiar with the requirements of the field. My past employers have commended me for my highly organized work habits and extremely low error rate.

I'm also a conscientious team player with the ability to inspire my co-workers to greater productivity and cooperation. I enjoy learning and am always amenable to taking on new challenges.

I have enclosed my resume and would appreciate the chance to discuss my experience and skills with you in person. I'll call your office next week to see about a time.

Thank you for examining my qualifications.

Most sincerely yours,

Alice Grey

Attached: resume