Cover Letter Sample: Administrative Assistant

This sample cover letter is written by a mom returning to work after 17 years of full-time parenting. Susan seeks a job as an administrative assistant, using the many organizational skills she honed as a mother of several children and as manager of a busy household.

About This Cover Letter Sample

With her easy-flowing writing style, Susan's letter achieves two goals, both of which will help her win a job interview:

  1. Susan's leading sentence mentions a mutual friend and essentially says, “You and I know each other.”
  2. By speaking with dignity about her 17 years of full-time parenting, Susan frames that experience as an asset, not a liability, in her qualifications.

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Susan's Cover Letter for an Administrative Assistant

Susan Hamilton
001 Dorston Way
Boston, MA 12345

March 15, 20xx

Mr. Paul James
Director of Human Resources
James, Royal & Johnson
0001 Market Street, Ste. 700
Boston, MA 12345

Dear Mr. James,

Over the years, I've heard many good things about you from Jane Thurston — I feel as though I already know you. Now that I'm re-entering the job market, I would appreciate talking with you about how my administrative skills could benefit your firm.

As a parent, you can appreciate the organizational abilities involved in raising children! For the past 17 years I've had more than a full-time job, efficiently handling schedules... meals... transportation... educational and recreational activities... budgets... and more, for my family of six.

Prior to starting my family, I worked as an administrative assistant for several years. Recently I've taken courses to upgrade my computer skills and prepare for the demands of today's business world. Now I'm ready to "put it all together" and make a contribution to a company — hopefully yours!

I understand from Jane that you're a bit shorthanded right now, and I'd welcome the chance to help out. I'm available to start immediately! Could we meet next week to discuss an arrangement? I'll ring you on Friday to set up a time.

Yours truly,

Susan Hamilton

Attached: resume