Cover Letter for a Company Website

After doing some research, Andrew found a company that was a perfect match for his qualifications as a long-distance truck driver. He went to the company's website, entered his information on the Careers page, and uploaded his resume. Then he wrote the following cover letter and uploaded it into the field of the online application for "Cover Letter."

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About This Cover Letter for a Company Website

Although this cover letter is short, it achieves two key objectives. It introduces the resume that Andrew uploaded to the site and it highlights his added value — his personal traits.

Andrew knows that employers look for more than just the number of miles he can drive. They also want someone who will represent the company to the thousands of people he will encounter along his routes. The very fact that Andrew thinks to mention these traits shows the employer that he is conscious of his role as "company rep and driver." Who knows, this type of cover letter could place him ahead of all the other job seekers for the position.

Here's the cover letter Andrew uploaded.

Dear Hiring Manager,
Driving has been my life for the last 18 years. My perfect record applies not only to my distance driving, but also speaks to how I have represented my employer on the road.

I'm known for my honesty, reliability, and strong work ethic. Please consider me for the long-distance driving job you have posted on your site. I have no personal restrictions on length of time I can spend on the road.
Thank you.
Andrew Cummings