Cover Letter Example: Administrative Assistant

This cover letter example for an Administrative Assistant is by Sara, a full-time mother who wanted to return to work after spending the last 14 years raising her children and doing volunteer work.

Notice how she used her letter to highlight her former career as an administrative assistant and to show how she maintained her office and organizational skills during her lengthy span of unemployment.

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To get a sense of Sara's whole job search packet, please see her matching resume and job reference sheet:

The following cover letter is formatted for hard copy, which is the same format that should be used if the letter is attached to an email. This format could also be converted for use as an email by simply copying just the body of the letter (from "Dear Director," through "Attached: Administrative Assistant Resume") and pasting it into the body of an email.

Cover Letter Example for an Administrative Assistant

Sara Lmnbvf
99 Wheaton Street, Greensboro, NC 12345
[email protected]


Director of Human Resources
Wpthc Financial Services
123 Hoppes St.
Greensboro, NC 12345

Dear Director,

I am seeking an Administrative Assistant position at Wpthc Financial Services. I am experienced in administrative work and office systems, and would like to offer my skills to your firm.

In my 12 years as an administrative assistant, I worked for two companies that relied heavily on my organizational and analytical abilities. I was known for my diligence in keeping records, correspondence, and databases up to date so that my managers could trust that the information they accessed was accurate and relevant.

For the last several years, I've been a full-time mom of two boys, juggling all sorts of family schedules and activities, along with a busy calendar of volunteer work. During that time, I was fortunate to be able to keep abreast of the latest office technology, as my husband runs a small business from our home and I often lend a hand by performing administrative tasks.

Please see my attached resume. I am eager to return to full-time employment in the corporate world now that my children are almost out of the nest. At your convenience, I can come in for an interview.

Thank you!
Sara Lmnbvf

Attached: Administrative Assistant Resume