Cover Letter for Travel Agent

This is a cover letter for Maria, a travel agent applying for a full-time position as travel director of a football team. She created it as a hardcopy letter and attached it to an email, along with her resume. Maria then copied the body of the letter (starting with "Dear Mr. Hankins") and pasted it into her email cover note to introduce her attached resume and cover letter.

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Maria's cover letter is a great example of how to create a strong connection with the employer. Not only does she remind her reader, Bill, of all the things she's already done for the organization as a part-time travel agent, but she also refers to her professional qualifications in a concise bullet-point format that's easy to read.

Notice how much of her friendly message focuses on her reader and what he needs in a good travel agent. The letter is really about Maria, but it's framed so that Bill will feel like he's the center of attention.

Cover Letter for a Travel Agent

Maria Bostwick
12 Lancing Street
Pittsburgh, PA 12345
home: 123-555-1234
work: 123-555-5678
[email protected]

April 1, 20xx

Mr. Bill Hankins
General Manager
Pittsburgh Steelers
12 First Ave. NE, Suite 600
Pittsburgh, PA 12345

Dear Mr. Hankins,

Having functioned as the travel agent for your administrative personnel for the last several months, I would like to serve as the full-time Travel Director for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After rescuing the Steelers staff from the recent "air travel near-disaster" and revamping the winter itinerary, I'm fully aware of the complexities of the team's yearly travel plans. Without a doubt, I can deliver economical and dependable arrangements.

Notice in my enclosed resume that I have the ideal professional marriage:

  • Strong background in the travel industry
  • Working involvement in professional sports

I have a proven record of facilitating the smooth transportation of groups under pressure — and I can't think of anyone under more pressure than your players during football season!

Thank you for your consideration of my attached resume and cover letter. I'll check in with you next week to see when I can fit into your interview calendar.

Sincerely yours,

Maria Bostwick

Attached: resume and cover letter