Cover Letter for Retail Sales Management

This cover letter for a retail sales management position rings with sincerity. The job seeker knows the store manager's name but does not know him personally. This letter hopes to bridge that gap with an in-person meeting soon.

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Randy (not his real name) paints a good picture of himself as a loyal customer and then as a sales manager at IBG Computer Store. He points out that he already knows the store's products and his management skills are sharp and ready to use.

In his last paragraph, Randy offers two ways to move forward with his job application: Mr. Bigsley can call him or Randy will ask for him the next time he's in the store. It's a confident approach that doesn't sound pushy.

Cover Letter Sample for Retail Sales Management

Randy Ramos
993 Santa Barbara Street
Elmhurst, IL 12345

June 18, 20xx

Mr. Robert Bigsley
General Manager
IBG Computer Store
1493 University Avenue
Elmhurst, IL 12345

Dear Mr. Bigsley,

After four years as a loyal IBG customer, I'd like to join your sales team on the other side of the counter. With several years in sales under my belt, I'm interested in applying for your sales management opening.

I know the products sold at IBG inside and out — I researched them thoroughly before purchasing the multi-media system I now use and love. I believe coming up to speed would primarily involve learning IBG's management policy. In the arena of employee management, I have two years of supervisory experience with my current employer.

Because I'm in your store so frequently, I'll ask for you next time I'm there. Or, you can call me at 123-555-1234. Perhaps we can set a time to talk about the sales manager position soon.

Thank you!

Randy Ramos

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