Cover Letter for Regional Marketing Representative

This cover letter for regional marketing representative is sent directly to the Director of Marketing at Walt Disney Travel. The job seeker, Bill, did his homework of learning the director's name, which helped his letter establish a personal connection right from the start.

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Notice how Bill proposes that he take on the project of expanding Disney promotions in Arizona. In that one sentence, he demonstrates his vision and drive to succeed. In the second paragraph he follows up with a statement of his personal enjoyment of the Disney products he wants to promote.

Like a good marketing pro, he takes the initiative of suggesting a phone interview and says he will make the first move of calling to set up a day and time for that conversation.

Here's the cover letter Bill wrote.

Bill Lockheed
15 Rambling Rose Lane
Los Angeles, CA 12345
[email protected]

May 17, 20xx

Mr. Dennis Greenbrott
Director of Marketing
Walt Disney Travel Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 1234
Anaheim, CA 12345

Dear Mr. Greenbrott,

It's the positive theme of Disney's entertainment that appeals so much to me. As your Regional Marketing Representative, I'd like to promote Disney vacation packages to audiences young and old throughout Arizona.

I have substantial experience in recreation marketing and, as my family can attest, I'm a committed supporter of Disney's home and vacation entertainment.

Could we schedule a time to speak on the phone? I will call your assistant in the next few days to see when you are available.

Thank you!

Bill Lockheed

Attached: resume