Cover Letter for IT Executive Management

This Executive Manager is looking for a new position in IT or a related field. She used the following cover letter to contact an external recruiter for help with her job search. Although she doesn't know the recruiter personally, she is able to establish a connection with him by referring to a mutual contact in the first sentence. Dropping a name like this in a cover letter is a great way to grab the reader's attention and gain credibility from the start.

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This cover letter sample was written in hardcopy format (with a heading, date, and inside address) so that it could be attached to an email, along with Malika's resume. After writing the cover letter, Malika copied just the body of the letter (starting with "Dear Mr. Boyes,") and pasted it into the body of her email.

Cover Letter Sample for IT Executive Management

Malika Melenkamp
123 Fosterbuilt Rd.
Salem, NH 12345
[email protected]

September 1, 20xx

Ranger, Handley, and Boyes Recruiting
123 Harley Blvd.
Plastow, NH 12345

Dear Mr. Boyes,

Mary Andover, CEO of Ridgecroft Paper Distributors, advised me to contact you about career opportunities in executive management. Mary is my former employer, and she recommended you as a recruiter whose professionalism she respects.

I'm interested in any turn-around executive situations you may be representing. In particular, I'm skilled at serving as an in-house manager and adviser to the Board. IT is the industry in which I have the most experience; I could also work effectively within neighboring industries such as aerospace and biotech.

Thank you for reviewing my attached resume. Please contact me; I'm available for interviews immediately.


Malika Melenkamp

Attached: resume