Sample Cover Letter for a Dental Student

Linda is a first-year dental student who is looking for a job as a dental hygienist at a dental clinic. Her cover letter is brief and to the point since the basics of her dental schooling are well known to the Human Resources Director who will be reading her resume and cover letter. So, instead of listing her training, she highlights her natural traits such as dexterity, perfectionism, and focus.

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This cover letter is formatted as a hardcopy letter even though Linda is submitting it via email. She will attach it to her email, along with her resume. For her email message, she will copy the contents of the letter (starting with "Dear Human Resources Director" through "Attached: resume") and paste it into the body of her email.

Sample Cover Letter for a Dental Student

Linda Wrpgn
123 West Oak Drive
Springfield, IL 12345
[email protected]

May 6, 20xx

Human Resources Director
Free Dental Clinic
123 Second Avenue
Springfield, IL 12345

Dear Human Resources Director,

As I approach the completion of my first year at Springfield Dental School, I am seeking an assistant dental hygienist position and have enclosed my resume for your review.

I am driven to excel and am known for my dexterity and perfectionism. While at the Springfield Dental School, I have gained not only basic knowledge of dental hygiene but also inspiration, focus, and commitment.

I feel I would be an asset to your dental hygiene team and would like an opportunity to speak with you about positions at your clinic.

Thank you for reviewing my resume. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Sincerely yours,

Linda Wrpgn

Attached: resume