Cover Letter for Sales Position

Mike wrote this really friendly "sales" letter to go along with the sales resume he submitted to HighTech International. He doesn't know the sales manager's name so he addresses his letter, "Dear Manager."

The rest of his letter is full of personality and adventure. It's pretty clear that an interview with Mike would not be boring! Take a peek.

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Mike Bronkowski
103 Evanston Park West
Evanston, IL 12345

July 6, 20xx

Sales Manager
HighTech International
44 Edgecliff Rd.
Chicago, IL 12345

Dear Manager,

You're a busy sales manager and I'd like to save you some time. To fill your vacant sales position, please consider having me do a walk-in demonstration right away.

For some people, sales just comes naturally; and usually what comes naturally is what one does best. I've surprised even myself at how instinctively I sell ideas to people, sometimes in the most unlikely situations.

Three years ago I was on a Mt. McKinley climbing team. Suddenly I found myself having to convince a frightened woman to rappel up the side of a 20-foot icy cliff. I didn't make a cent on that "sales presentation" but it did pay off: Not only is she alive today, she became my wife!

As I said, I want to save you time, not absorb it with tales of my sales adventures. Could we meet in person? It won't take long for you to see that I'm a natural for the job.

Looking forward to our meeting,

Mike Bronkowski

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