Cover Letter for Sales Analyst

Linda is sending her resume to an organization she'd like to work for. She knows quite a bit about the company and she's found a job opening to apply for at the firm.

With that info, she wrote the following cover letter sample to present her qualifications for that exact job. The only thing she was missing: the name of the manager who will read her cover letter. Notice how she started her letter with "Dear Director."

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Linda Yee
123 Miller's Row
New York, NY 12345
[email protected]

May 19, 20xx

Director of Human Resources
Procter and Gamble
123 Highland Park Blvd.
New York, NY 12345

Dear Director,

I would like to submit the enclosed resume for your opening for sales analyst. After carefully reading about the position on your website, I'm confident I am fully qualified for the position and would appreciate a job interview.

In the job posting, you mention that Procter and Gamble is expanding its New Jersey operations and that the sales analyst would be involved in that expansion. I would like to understand more about that involvement, because I have relatives in New Jersey and might be interested in eventually moving to that state.

I am available for interviews any time before the end of this month. Please call or email me at the above contact information.

Sincerely yours,

Linda Yee

Enclosure: resume