Cover Letter for Production-Line Manager

Take a look at this cover letter sample from a production-line manager who wants to work in emergency services. In this concise letter, Kramer makes it clear that he understands the need for streamlined functions in medical settings and he knows how to provide them.

Notice that he starts his letter with "Dear Director" since he doesn't know the name of his reader.

In his middle paragraph he suggests three job titles he could fill, all of them requiring his skills. This tells us he is not responding to a job posting. Rather, he has spotted a need at an organization where he wants to work. If they like him enough, they might even create a position for him.

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Kramer Williams
123 Southchester Way
Indianapolis, IN 12345
[email protected]

October 28, 20xx

Director of Human Resources
Pete Paramedics Equipment
123 Crestfallen Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 12345

Dear Director,

With the rise in medical emergencies in the Indianapolis area, you might need my services in your production department. I am an experienced production-line manager, and I understand how to streamline procedures and motivate employees.

I'd like to discuss with you how I could offer a hand as your full-time production manager, as a consultant, or as a union mediator.

I'll call your office next week to see what your needs are and when we can meet to talk about them.


Kramer Williams

Enclosure: resume