Cover Letter for Paralegal

This cover letter example is short and to the point. Marilyn sent the letter to the Director of Human Resources of the firm where she wants to work. She could not find his name, so she settled on writing just "Dear Director." This is a much better approach than putting "To whom it may concern" or "Dear Sir."

Notice how she added "Enclosure: resume." If this were used as a cover email, she would, instead, put "Resume attached."

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Marilyn Bernstein
123 Las Altos Blvd.
Santa Fe, NM 12345
[email protected]

March 3, 20xx

Director of Human Resources
Price, Fish and Upshot
123 Avenida Central, Suite 300
Santa Fe, NM 12345

Dear Director,

Ever since I received my Paralegal Certificate from Rydell Business College last fall, I've wanted to work at Price, Fish and Upshot. Your sterling reputation in the legal community makes a position at your firm especially appealing to me as I start my paralegal career.

Please consider my enclosed resume. I would very much like an opportunity to speak with you in person about paralegal work at your firm. I will call you on Monday to see when that can be arranged.


Marilyn Bernstein

Enclosure: resume