Cover Letter for Outplacement Consultant

In this cover letter sample, the job seeker did not know the name of the hiring manager. He did some phone and online research but still could not come up with the right name. So he decided to say "Dear Director," which shows respect and avoids the dreaded "Dear Sir/Madam."

Winston knows there are a lot of outplacement consultants going after this potential contract, including some large firms that work with employees who are being laid off. In his letter (as well as in his resume), Winston needs to distinguish himself from his competition. He does this in his second paragraph when he lists some of his well known clients.

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Sample Cover Letter for an Outplacement Consultant

Winston Perdue
123 Austin Street, Suite 301
Cincinnati, OH 12345
[email protected]

November 3, 20xx

Director of Public Relations
Rothchild & Fitch Associates
123 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH 12345

Dear Director,

The media reported that your firm is downsizing and that you are planning to lay off a number of employees. I'd like to offer my outplacement services to you on an ongoing or short-term basis.

May we get together to discuss my services and competitive fees? I have an outstanding list of employers in your field who have used my services, all of whom have agreed to speak with you about their satisfaction. Those clients include:

  • Ramsey Electric and Power
  • Cincinnati General Hospital
  • Feldon Tire Distributors

Please contact me to find a time when we can speak in person. I look forward to our conversation.


Winston Perdue

Attached: resume