Cover Letter for Management Consultant

This cover letter sample shows the power of good research. Francis did some snooping around online and through her professional network to learn that Merk Howard Consulting is opening a branch in her hometown of Atlanta.

She wants to be first in line for a job as a consultant at the firm, so she sends her resume and cover letter before any jobs are posted online or in the newspaper. In fact, the new office is not up and running yet, so she sends her letter to the headquarters in Saint Augustine.

Without the name of the Human Resources Director, Francis wrote simply "Dear Director."

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Francis Jones
123 Progress Row
Atlanta, GA 12345
[email protected]

July 5, 20xx

Director of Human Resources
Merk Howard Consulting
123 Treetop Ave.
Saint Augustine, FL 12345

Dear Director,

Knowing that Merk Howard Consulting is moving its headquarters to Atlanta in August, I am applying for a consulting position in the new Georgia office.

With more than 12 years in the electronics industry and 8 years in management consulting, I'm confident I can provide excellent guidance to your clients. In fact, I have several ideas I'd like to discuss with you about how we can develop your Atlanta client base.

I will call you in a few days to see how your calendar looks for an interview.

Sincerely yours,

Francis Jones

Enclosure: resume