Cover Letter for Freelance Writer / Editor

Lucy is asking for a job as freelance writer/editor for Amber Press. Her special interest is in working on the press's children's projects.

She sends this hardcopy letter, along with her resume, after seeing a job posting in a newspaper. She could have sent this note as an email message with her resume attached. In that case, she would have removed the date and inside addresses. She would also have changed "enclosed resume" to "attached resume" in paragraph two. And she would have deleted "Enclosure: resume" at the very end.

Notice how Lucy refers to the job posting by number at the start of the letter instead of using a salutation such as "Dear So-and-so." She knows that this reference number will help get her resume and letter sent to the right department quickly.

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Lucy Lu Wang
123 Downing St.
New Orleans, LA 12345
[email protected]

June 2, 20xx

Amber Press
123 Fairbanks Ave., Suite 212
Fairbanks, AK 12345

Re: Freelance Editor, position 12345

I found your job posting in the New Orleans Chronicle Star last Monday. I am a freelance writer/editor with experience in children's books, very similar to what the job posting asks for.

In addition to reading the enclosed resume, please take a look at my writing samples at If you prefer, I will send you hardcopy samples.

My schedule typically allows for about 25 hours of freelance work per week. I would be delighted if that could be consumed with children's projects from Amber Press.

Thank you for responding to my application.


Lucy Lu Wang

Enclosure: resume