Cover Letter for a Form Processor

Job seekers are often puzzled about how to respond to a job posting that has very little information about the employer and the job being offered. Yet, you are expected to send a good cover letter and resume.

Forest had that happen to him. He saw an ad in the newspaper. It didn't give any contact info except for the newspaper itself. So, he wrote a letter to the newspaper with the ad number at the top.

His message was simple: Please forward my resume and request for more info. His resume contained all the key achievements that make him a good fit for the form processor job he was applying for.

Here's Forest's cover letter.

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Forest Triumph
123 Amsterdam Way
New Paris, Kentucky 12345
[email protected]

June 5, 20xx

Ad #12345

Kentucky Voice
123 10th Street
Lexington, Kentucky 12345

An ad for a Form Processor in the Database Department of a local manufacturer appeared in the Friday, June 1st edition of the Kentucky Voice.

Kindly forward the enclosed resume to the employer, along with my request that I receive more information about the position. I am available for employment immediately.

Thank you!

Forest Triumph

Enclosure: resume