Cover Letter for Customer Service Representative

Here's a cover letter sample by a new college grad who knows how to win people over with her use of words. She makes a play on her name, "Chase," in a way that draws you in and makes you feel like you're rooting for the winner of a race.

She starts her letter with "Dear Manager" instead of "Dear So-and-So" because she doesn't know the manager's name, despite her best research.

Notice how she ends her letter with a request for a short interview. She's showing that she respects the manager's time and is confident she can make a good impression quickly.

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Linda Chase
011 Plowshare Drive
Reno, NV 12345

June 4, 20xx

General Manager
Car Imports, Ltd.
0010 Golden Row
Reno, NV 12345

Dear Manager,

Fate seems to have dealt me the right name: Chase. Ever since I was a kid, I've chased my dreams and, as my resume tells you, scored pretty high.

As a new graduate, I'm ready to continue the chase — this time on behalf of an employer such as YOU!

Seriously, I know I'll make a good customer service representative. I'm skilled at talking people through their problems and coming up with creative solutions. With just a little coaching, I know I can learn your product line quickly.

Could I have a short interview so that you can see how well I think on my feet? I'm available anytime next week.

Thank you very much!


Linda Chase

Enclosure: resume