Cover Letter for Customer Service Rep

Here's a brief resume cover letter sample sent to a recruiter. Kenya is responding to a Help Wanted ad she found in the newspaper. The ad doesn't give the name of the employer, only a little information on the job opening for a customer service rep.

Since Kenya doesn't know the name of the recruiter, she starts her letter with "Dear Recruiter." And despite not knowing anything about the employer, she does her best to state her qualifications for customer service work. Take a look!

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Kenya Spears
45 Treehill Way
Danville, MA 12345
[email protected]

September 1, 20xx

Checkmate Inc.
Branch Recruiter
1234 Salvio Blvd.
San Ramon, MA 12345

Re: Customer Service position

Dear Recruiter,

Focusing on the issue at hand is my specialty. I thrive in a professional, fast-paced, structured, and team-oriented environment. Please consider me for the Customer Service position advertised in the Circle Lake Times.

I was recently chosen as the employee of the month and commended for my willingness to work with customers to ensure their satisfaction. Being an attentive listener enables me to find positive resolutions to questions that may appear to be unanswerable.

I can be reached at the number above or at my email address.


Kenya Spears

Enclosure: resume