Cover Letter for Catering Sales Manager

As you can see from this friendly and confident cover letter, Peter is a natural for a management role in the hotel business. He wants to offer Hotel Crowne his skills as manager of catering sales.

Notice that Peter doesn't know the name of his reader so he writes "Dear Director." He isn't shy about touting his achievements. And he boldly declares that he will phone to ask about an interview.

All in all, Peter's cover letter shows that he's a take-charge type of manager who is well-suited for the hospitality industry.

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Peter Kirkland
123 Taylor Blvd.
Denver, CO 12345
[email protected]

April 7, 20xx

Hotel Crowne
Human Resources Department
15 East Portal Ave.
Denver, CO 12345

Re: Catering Sales Manager

Dear Director:

Every day people gather around tables for seminars and celebrations. I love having a career in catering sales that brings quality and enjoyment to these events.

As manager of your Catering Sales Department, I would sustain high service standards, retain the established clientele, and develop the off-season business.

My ability to talk to a variety of people has resulted in the numerous distinctions that have characterized my career. For my achievements at Combes and Berryman I was awarded a "lifetime membership" in the Caliber Club, an elite group composed of top sales executives.

The recognition that your five-star establishment has earned, coupled with my track record in sales, is a sure combination for excellence. I will contact you Monday to schedule an interview.

Sincerely yours,

Peter Kirkland

Enclosure: resume