Chronological Resume Example: Marketing / Business Development

Here's a resume sample for Marketing / Business Development. In this case, the job seeker wanted to advance his career, so he took a few bold steps on his resume. Take a look. << More Marketing Resume Examples << Index of All Sample Resumes About This Sample Chronological Resume for Marketing / Business Development This...more »

Chronological Resume Sample: Marketing / Sales

Here's another resume sample for Marketing / Sales. This chronological resume was first written in the functional resume format many years ago. (See Functional Resume Example: Marketing / Sales with a Sporting Goods Retailer.) Here's why I changed it to a chronological resume format. There was a time when the functional resume format was welcomed...more »

Combination Resume Sample: Marketing Communications Manager

The following resume sample for Marketing Communications Management was first written in the functional resume format (see Functional Resume Sample: Marketing Communications Manager) more than 10 years ago. Back then, employers didn't mind functional resumes. The format was fresh and offered a new way to look at job seekers. Times have changed, and employers no...more »

Resume Example: Account Manager in Sales/Marketing

In one short page, this resume delivers the message that this woman is a strong professional seeking to advance her career. Serena used this resume to post on, as well as send to employer's via email. To see one of the emails she sent to a recruiter about this resume, please see Follow-Up Email...more »

Combination Resume Sample: PR / Communications Specialist or Event Planner

Here's a resume sample for a PR / Communications Specialist, with an alternate job objective of Event Planner. When Russell (not his real name) used his resume to apply for an Event Coordinator job, he sent this resume along with his cover letter for Event Coordinator. << More Marketing Resume Examples << More Media/Creative Resume...more »

Resume Example: Marketing or Marketing Management

This new college graduate is currently unemployed. She listed two internships under Professional Experience because they were part of her MBA program. Now that she has her Master's degree, she's ready to re-enter the workforce to continue her career in marketing. << More Marketing Resume Examples << Index of All Sample Resumes Sample Resume for...more »

Resume Sample: Program Coordination and Promotions

This resume uses volunteer, college, and travel experience while attending college to demonstrate the applicant's qualifications for her job objective, which is a career change from the work she performed prior to earning her M.A. Notice how she briefly mentioned her earlier professional chapter as "Previous experience" at the end of her Professional Experience section....more »

Combination Resume Example: Marketing and Product Management

Here's a resume sample for Marketing and Product Management with focus on project coordination and team leadership. This impressive resume shows a strong thread of success throughout the job seeker's advancing career. After you've read his resume, take a look at the cover letter Harry used to apply for an Executive Marketing position. << More...more »

Functional Resume Sample: Marketing Communications Management

This sample resume for a Marketing Communications Manager is in the functional format. It was first written in the 1990s, when functional resumes were often used to solve resume problems such as being unemployed for long spans of time. That was the case for Arnold (not his real name). Since employers in today's job market...more »

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