Chronological Resume Example: Public Librarian

Here's a chronological resume sample for a Public Librarian. Notice how this one-page resume presents¬†more than 20 years of experience in the public library system. Because her education was so relevant to her career, Martha placed "M.L.S." (Master of Library Science) next to her name in the heading and also highlighted her¬†academic achievements by placing...more »

Chronological Resume Sample: Academic Librarian

Here's a resume sample for an Academic Librarian, with special interest in Arts and Humanities. This is the second version of this resume. The first was a functional resume written in the 1990s (see Functional Resume Sample: Academic Librarian) when functional resumes were the rage. I created this chronological version because most employers no longer...more »

Functional Resume Sample: Academic Librarian

Here's a functional resume sample for an Academic Librarian with special interest in the Arts and Humanities. It was written in the 1990s, when functional resume formats were more common than they are today. At the time, it made sense to use this format because it addressed the big issue of a woman going back...more »

Chronological Resume Example: Health Science Librarian/Researcher

Here's a chronological resume sample for a Health Science Librarian/Researcher who is a new college grad. At the time she wrote this resume, she had just gotten her MS in Library and Information Science. << More Librarian Resume Examples << More Science CV/Resume Examples << Index of All Sample Resumes About This Sample Resume for...more »