Sample Cover Letter for Alternate Strategies Analyst

This cover letter sample to a recruiter for an Alternate Strategies Analyst goes with one of our resume examples: Chronological Resume Sample: Alternate Strategies Analyst. (This link will open a new window so you can easily toggle back and forth between the two examples.) By reading both the letter and resume, you'll get a sense...more »

Cover Letter Sample for Distribution/Warehouse Associate

Here's a cover letter sample that uses one of my favorite techniques: the "call and response." It's hard to miss, but I'll point it out anyway. In the body of the letter, Ricardo (not his real name) has two groups of bullet point statements. The first is JOB REQUIREMENTS, which is the "call" from the...more »

Cover Letter Sample for a Marketing and Media Professional

Here's a sample cover letter for a Marketing and Media Professional. Pascal (not his real name) is sending his resume and cover letter to an internal recruiter (a recruiter who works in the Human Resources Department) at Blackwell University. Because he doesn't know the name of the recruiter, he starts his letter with "Dear Talent...more »

Cover Letter for Customer Service Rep

Here's a brief resume cover letter sample sent to a recruiter. Kenya is responding to a Help Wanted ad she found in the newspaper. The ad doesn't give the name of the employer, only a little information on the job opening for a customer service rep. Since Kenya doesn't know the name of the recruiter,...more »

Cover Letter Email to a Recruiter from a Software Engineer

Charles sent this cover letter email along with his attached resume to Ms. Jenkins, an IT recruiter. What I like most about this cover letter is that it breaks two conventional cover letter "rules." By breaking (or bending) these rules, Charles sets himself apart (in a good way) from his competition and pretty much guarantees...more »

Cover Letter Sample for an Administrative Professional

This sample cover letter was sent to Ms. Harriman, an external recruiter (a recruiter who works for a recruitment agency who may represent more than one company). The job seeker, Foster, is an Administrative Professional who is open to a range of job possibilities. By sending his resume to an external recruiter, he is casting...more »

Follow-Up Email Cover Letter for IT Position

Often a job application for an IT or other technical job doesn't require a formal cover letter. A brief cover email may be all you need to introduce your attached resume. In fact, many technical job postings say "Send resume" without mentioning a cover letter. This implies that an attached cover letter is not needed....more »

Cover Letter for Investor Services Representative

Lilly wants to be an Investor Services Representative. Her cover letter does an excellent job of bridging her previous experience in client/stockholder relations and her current job objective. This letter has a conversational style that reflects the interpersonal skills needed for Lilly's new job. Notice how she uses bullet point statements in the body of...more »

Cover Letter for IT Executive Management

This Executive Manager is looking for a new position in IT or a related field. She used the following cover letter to contact an external recruiter for help with her job search. Although she doesn't know the recruiter personally, she is able to establish a connection with him by referring to a mutual contact in...more »