Cover Letter for Marketing Director

Regina shows her marketing talents in the content of this cover letter sample for the new Director of Marketing at Household Paints. She begins by offering some research results and quickly uses that info to present how she would like to create a new marketing campaign for the company. Throughout the letter she "paints the...more »

Email Cover Letter for Employee Training

This is Mitchell's second email cover letter in this collection. For each of his emails he attached his resume for employee training. Take a look at both of Mitchell's cover letters to see how he took a slightly different approach with each one. (See Cover Letter for Employee Trainer, along with my notes on it.)...more »

Cover Letter for IT Executive Management

This Executive Manager is looking for a new position in IT or a related field. She used the following cover letter to contact an external recruiter for help with her job search. Although she doesn't know the recruiter personally, she is able to establish a connection with him by referring to a mutual contact in...more »

Email Cover Letter for Medical Sales Associate

The following email cover letter is a brief intro to Sarah's attached resume (see Resume Example: Medical / Pharmaceutical Sales) and cover letter. Sarah knows her email cover has to be good, and it needs to be concise. Recruiters are busy people. So she makes her email quick to read by inserting dash points that...more »

Cover Letter for Freelance Writer / Editor

Lucy is asking for a job as freelance writer/editor for Amber Press. Her special interest is in working on the press's children's projects. She sends this hardcopy letter, along with her resume, after seeing a job posting in a newspaper. She could have sent this note as an email message with her resume attached. In...more »

Cover Letter for a Summer Job in Packaging

This cover letter example is for a college student, Sandra. She's looking for a summer job in the packaging department of the well known Morton Salt company. Because she doesn't have a contact at Morton Salt, she sent her resume and cover letter to the Director of Human Resources Department. Notice how she starts her...more »

Cover Letter for Insurance Claims Consultant

This is a concise follow-up email to a phone call Cyndy had with Mr. Percy, a hiring manager at an insurance agency where Cyndy would like to work. She sent it off early the next morning to remind Mr. Percy of what they had spoken about, as well as to send her resume, which he...more »

Cover Letter for Administrative Assistant

<< Index of Sample Letters Terry Fenderson 3928 Hitchcock Blvd., Apt. 2-B El Cerrito, CA 12345 123-555-1234 August 4, 20xx Ms. Phyllis Harding Director of Human Resources Hilltop Hospital 449 Hilltop Drive Richmond, CA 12345 Dear Ms. Harding, My introduction to Hilltop Hospital was when my aunt, Anne Parsons, was admitted for heart surgery. She...more »

Cover Letter for Outplacement Consultant

In this cover letter sample, the job seeker did not know the name of the hiring manager. He did some phone and online research but still could not come up with the right name. So he decided to say "Dear Director," which shows respect and avoids the dreaded "Dear Sir/Madam." Winston knows there are a...more »

Cover Letter for After-School Computer Consultant

Here's a cover letter written by a high school student named Scott. He's a computer whiz looking for part-time work. His mother's friend, Cynthia, told him about a woman who needs ongoing help with her home office computer. So Scott put together a short resume and wrote this friendly cover letter to introduce himself and...more »

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