Sample Cover Letter for a Financial Editor

This sample cover letter is for Roger, a Financial Editor who is looking for a contractual job for a financial news publication. He is responding via email to a job posting. We also have Roger's matching resume: Chronological Resume Example: Financial Editor. (This link will open in a new window so you can toggle back...more »

Cover Letter for Customer Service Rep

Here's a brief resume cover letter sample sent to a recruiter. Kenya is responding to a Help Wanted ad she found in the newspaper. The ad doesn't give the name of the employer, only a little information on the job opening for a customer service rep. Since Kenya doesn't know the name of the recruiter,...more »

Cover Letter for Junior Sales Associate

Here's a very short cover letter that wins your heart. Why? Because this student has a child-like approach to getting a job: He loves skating and he wants a job selling skates. Andrew's resume does all the heavy lifting, with details about his after-school jobs and his skating achievements. This cover letter makes a great...more »

Cover Letter for a Form Processor

Job seekers are often puzzled about how to respond to a job posting that has very little information about the employer and the job being offered. Yet, you are expected to send a good cover letter and resume. Forest had that happen to him. He saw an ad in the newspaper. It didn't give any...more »

Cover Letter for Retail Sales

Here's a cover letter sample for Frank, a high school student who wants to work at his neighborhood music store. Makes sense. He loves music, he can talk shop with the store's customers, and he's a people-person. He knows the general manager by name, so he wrote a somewhat personal letter to Mr. Hedgeland. Here...more »

Cover Letter for Controller

This cover letter sample was written in response to a newspaper ad. It could easily be adapted for responding to an online job post. Hal (the fictitious author of this letter) did a little research to discover that the name of the President and CEO at BEST Trucking is James Johnson. Having that piece of...more »

Cover Letter for Freelance Writer / Editor

Lucy is asking for a job as freelance writer/editor for Amber Press. Her special interest is in working on the press's children's projects. She sends this hardcopy letter, along with her resume, after seeing a job posting in a newspaper. She could have sent this note as an email message with her resume attached. In...more »