Cover Letter Sample: Administrative Assistant

This sample cover letter is written by a mom returning to work after 17 years of full-time parenting. Susan seeks a job as an administrative assistant, using the many organizational skills she honed as a mother of several children and as manager of a busy household. About This Cover Letter Sample With her easy-flowing writing...more »

Cover Letter Sample for Data Management

This cover letter to a Human Resources manager uses one of the best techniques for starting a cover letter: It refers to a mutual friend or associate in the first sentence. Dropping a name both grabs the reader's attention and serves as a recommendation. That's what the first sentence of this cover letter sample for...more »

Cover Letter Sample for High School Counselor Internship

Here's a cover letter sample written by Anne, a college student who is applying for a high school counselor internship to fulfill one of the requirements for her Master's degree program. It is her hope that this internship will lead to a full-time position somewhere in the school district after she graduates. To see the...more »

Cover Letter Example: Administrative Assistant

This cover letter example for an Administrative Assistant is by Sara, a full-time mother who wanted to return to work after spending the last 14 years raising her children and doing volunteer work. Notice how she used her letter to highlight her former career as an administrative assistant and to show how she maintained her...more »

Sample Cover Letter for a Dental Student

Linda is a first-year dental student who is looking for a job as a dental hygienist at a dental clinic. Her cover letter is brief and to the point since the basics of her dental schooling are well known to the Human Resources Director who will be reading her resume and cover letter. So, instead...more »

Sample Cover Letter for a Financial Editor

This sample cover letter is for Roger, a Financial Editor who is looking for a contractual job for a financial news publication. He is responding via email to a job posting. We also have Roger's matching resume: Chronological Resume Example: Financial Editor. (This link will open in a new window so you can toggle back...more »

Sample Cover Letter for Alternate Strategies Analyst

This cover letter sample to a recruiter for an Alternate Strategies Analyst goes with one of our resume examples: Chronological Resume Sample: Alternate Strategies Analyst. (This link will open a new window so you can easily toggle back and forth between the two examples.) By reading both the letter and resume, you'll get a sense...more »

Cover Letter for Nursery School Teacher

Here's a cover letter sample for a nursery school teacher who is fresh out of school. With her new childcare credential, Belinda is ready to get to work. Notice how she says that she's open to any role that the school's Human Resources director needs to fill. This hardcopy letter would also work well as...more »

Email Cover Letter for Docent

Bruce wants to work at the Exploratorium as a docent. He sends this email cover letter to entice the reader to download his attached resume. A big part of why this email cover letter works is that in just a few short lines, Bruce reveals his humor and personality, which are key to being a...more »

Cover Letter for Management Consultant

This cover letter sample shows the power of good research. Francis did some snooping around online and through her professional network to learn that Merk Howard Consulting is opening a branch in her hometown of Atlanta. She wants to be first in line for a job as a consultant at the firm, so she sends...more »

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