Cover Letter for Environmental Scientist

A colleague told Franco about a job opening for an environmental scientist at a research center in California. Franco is very interested, even though it would mean relocating from France if he got the job offer. The colleague told Franco he could drop his name in the cover letter, so Franco decided to give it...more »

Email Cover Letter for Website Designer

Kristen saw a job on Craigslist that she wants to apply for. The job is for a website designer, which is right up her alley. And the company is small, which is also the kind of friendly environment Kristen wants to work in. She sent a somewhat casual email cover letter with her resume attached....more »

Cover Letter for Employee Trainer

Mitchell is using the following cover letter (and resume) to follow up on a phone call he had with someone in his professional network, Carol Pilsner. Carol is the Director of Human Resources at a company Mitchell would like to work for. The good news is that Carol has a job opening and she wants...more »

Cover Letter for Real Estate Appraiser

Marcus is making a career change from antique sales to real estate appraiser. This cover letter bridges his two careers and makes it easy for his reader to understand how she would benefit from having Marcus join her professional team.

Cover Letter for Trainer

This cover letter sample for a Trainer uses three very good techniques: It addresses the hiring manager by name (Dear Mr. LaPuenta). It refers to someone both the job seeker and Mr. LaPuenta know (Camille Parker). It lists the requirements in the job posting (under YOU WANT), followed by a strong list of Maria's matching...more »

Email Cover Letter for Office Manager

Here's a cover letter email and matching resume sample that Laura wrote to find an office management job in the holistic health and beauty field. Notice how Laura uses some good writing techniques and email formatting to highlight her office management strengths and her passion for holistic health. Be sure to also take a look...more »

Cover Letter for Controller

This cover letter sample was written in response to a newspaper ad. It could easily be adapted for responding to an online job post. Hal (the fictitious author of this letter) did a little research to discover that the name of the President and CEO at BEST Trucking is James Johnson. Having that piece of...more »

Cover Letter for Graphic Designer

This cover letter email does three things for Tina, who is a server at Joe's Coffee Company. Tina wants a promotion to graphic designer in Joe's Marketing Department. Here's what she achieves with her email: Tina thanks the hiring manager for his┬árecent phone call about the career move she has in mind. She follows up...more »

Email Cover Letter for Employee Training

This is Mitchell's second email cover letter in this collection. For each of his emails he attached his resume for employee training. Take a look at both of Mitchell's cover letters to see how he took a slightly different approach with each one. (See Cover Letter for Employee Trainer, along with my notes on it.)...more »

Cover Letter for Insurance Claims Consultant

This is a concise follow-up email to a phone call Cyndy had with Mr. Percy, a hiring manager at an insurance agency where Cyndy would like to work. She sent it off early the next morning to remind Mr. Percy of what they had spoken about, as well as to send her resume, which he...more »

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