Cover Letter Sample: Director of Workforce Development

Jacob wants to continue his 20-year career in workforce development. A key feature of his cover letter (below) is his relocation from Oregon to Florida. In fact, he mentions it several times, always in a positive light. Here's a quick look at the points that make this cover letter a good one: Jacob explains that...more »

Cover Letter Sample: Translator for Healthcare Services

This cover letter is an excellent example of how to present a career change to an employer. Scot's former career in administration falls into the background and it is his personal relationships and experience that get highlighted as key qualifiers for his new career as a translator for healthcare services. In his letter, Scot presents...more »

Cover Letter Sample: Mortgage Sales and Customer Service

In this cover letter for a financial sales and customer service professional, Alison uses bold questions to start her letter and lead her reader to the conclusion that she's the right person for the job! The wording might be a little too pushy for some job seekers, but not for Alison. As a sales pro,...more »

Cover Letter Sample: International Marketing Executive

In this cover letter sample for an International Marketing Executive, Andres shows that he's done his homework and knows what his reader needs. He also addresses an issue of possible concern: his current unemployment. He does this very diplomatically in the last paragraph. << Index of Sample Cover Letters Unemployment Gap Explained in a Cover...more »

Cover Letter Sample: Middle School Teacher

Lynn is an experienced high school teacher who is returning to her profession after a span of unemployment while she raised her children. Because her resume shows a gap in employment, she used her cover letter to explain that gap (in the third paragraph). She also used bullet point formatting to showcase her teaching style....more »

Cover Letter Sample for Regional Sales Manager

Talk about a friendly cover letter sample that shows sales charisma! Check out this one by Don Black, a young man who wants to be Regional Sales Manager for Peet's Coffee and Tea. As you read his cover letter, notice how Don slips from his easy-going writing style into bullet points that hit the bottom-line...more »

Cover Letter Sample for Marketing Coordinator

This cover letter sample for a Marketing Coordinator is sent to the hiring manager of Pretty Darn Smart, an educational software company. It is far from a form letter! It shows a clear intent to work for that company specifically. The job seeker, Sally, knows the Pretty Darn Smart product, is experienced in the educational...more »

Cover Letter Sample to LinkedIn Contact for Director, IT Management

This cover letter sample for a position as Director of IT Management was sent to one of Nayla's LinkedIn contacts who is seeking a professional to fill that position in his company. << Index of Sample Cover Letters Even though Nayla and his reader are LinkedIn contacts, Nayla took used his cover letter to lay...more »

Cover Letter Sample for Director of Operations

This cover letter sample for Director of Operations at a hardware company uses a strong conversational approach. Tim reveals enough details to entice the reader to open his attached resume without writing a long letter. << Index of Sample Cover Letters Tim wrote this cover letter when he was conducting a secret job search. At...more »

Cover Letter Sample for Golf Course Turf Management

This cover letter sample for golf course turf management holds a few mysteries that will likely intrigue the reader, entice him into reading the attached resume, and then call the job seeker in for a job interview. There's a reason for the mystery: "Alex" wants to conduct a confidential job search. << Index of Sample...more »

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