Cover Letter Sample: English Teacher

Here's a cover letter for a teacher of English Composition at a community college. Notice how the applicant, Larry, presents his career change from business to teaching as a key qualifier for the job. In the second paragraph, Larry highlights his career change with bullet point statements that show how he will incorporate his former...more »

Cover Letter Sample: Middle School Teacher

Lynn is an experienced high school teacher who is returning to her profession after a span of unemployment while she raised her children. Because her resume shows a gap in employment, she used her cover letter to explain that gap (in the third paragraph). She also used bullet point formatting to showcase her teaching style....more »

Cover Letter Sample for a Women's Clinic Advocate/Counselor

Lisa wants to work for a women's clinic as an advocate or counselor. She wrote this feisty cover letter, filled with the passion that makes her good at helping women make difficult choices. Her letter serves as an intro to her attached resume and as an example of how she will approach her job working...more »

Cover Letter Sample for Vice President of Sales

Here's a sample cover letter for an experienced sales/marketing professional, Marie, who is sending her resume to an IT firm. The job she seeks is Vice President of Sales. Marie is currently unemployed, a fact that she is hoping will play in her favor since the employer is in dire need of filling the VP...more »

Sample Cover Letter for Alternate Strategies Analyst

This cover letter sample to a recruiter for an Alternate Strategies Analyst goes with one of our resume examples: Chronological Resume Sample: Alternate Strategies Analyst. (This link will open a new window so you can easily toggle back and forth between the two examples.) By reading both the letter and resume, you'll get a sense...more »

Resume Cover Letter for a Resume Job Board

In addition to applying to individual companies, Suzanne posted her resume on, hoping to be found by recruiters searching the thousands of resumes on that site. Because keywords are so important to getting found, Suzanne included as many financial terms as possible in her online cover note so the database search engine would find...more »

Follow-Up Email to a Recruiter for Sales Job

This is an email sent to a recruiter to follow up on the recruiter's request for a telephone interview. Allen's email message could have been really short with just a confirmation that he's available for an interview. But Allen took this as an opportunity to make a plug for the sales job he's applying for....more »

Cover Letter Sample for Event Coordinator

Gary is a PR professional who has experience in event planning. With this cover letter and resume (see Combination Resume Sample: PR / Communications Specialist or Event Planner) he is applying for a job as an event coordinator. Of course, if he applies for a different job (for example, Marketing Associate), he will use a...more »

Cover Letter for Nursery School Teacher

Here's a cover letter sample for a nursery school teacher who is fresh out of school. With her new childcare credential, Belinda is ready to get to work. Notice how she says that she's open to any role that the school's Human Resources director needs to fill. This hardcopy letter would also work well as...more »

Cover Letter for an Executive Marketing Position

Harry is a Marketing professional who has over six years of experience in product management for well-known companies (see his resume for Marketing and Product Management). Although he doesn't have experience in pharmaceutical marketing, he feels certain his transferable skills and experience will give him the insight it takes to turn around Pharmtech's declining sales....more »

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