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Homepage - Susan Ireland's Resume Site

Resume How-To - How to write a resume, how to pick a resume format, and how to solve tough resume-related problems such as gaps in employment, little or no work experience, no college degree, career change, and more.

Resume Examples - A collection of resume samples from a wide range of occupations/professions and levels of employment (management and non-management). Each of the resume examples was either written or reviewed by a member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team.

Cover Letter Help - A tutorial on how to write a good cover letter to send to a hiring manager, a recruiter, or in response to a job posting or newspaper ad.

Cover Letter Samples - A growing collection of cover letter and cover email samples, each with an explanation of what makes that letter effective.

Thank You Letters - A guide to writing a good thank you letter for after a good job interview, after a not-so-good interview, and after a job rejection. Includes thank you letter examples.

Interview Help - Tips for how to win at your job interview. Includes practice questions (and advice for answering them) for both management and non-management job seekers.

Personal Help - Bios and contact information for contacting a member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team and Job Search Coach.

Susan Ireland Ready-Made Resume Builder - A resume program with resume templates you can download and resume phrases you can copy and paste into your template. Templates are created for a range of job seekers including established professionals, entry-level, and students/new grads. Solutions to problems such as gaps in work history, career change, and age discrimination are built into the templates.

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