100+ Career Resume Examples by Occupation

Get ideas for how to describe your career qualifications, skills, and achievements. Take a peek at the these career resume examples by job seekers in your profession, industry, or related line of work.

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Career Resume Examples by Occupation

I grouped my resume examples by occupation. If you don't see your exact occupation listed, please look at groups in a related field. For example, accounting resumes are found in the Finance group.

Hint: You might also look at resume examples at the same level and field as the person who will interview you for your next job. By seeing how he defines career success, you can write a resume that shows how you share similar goals. In other words, you can imply that if he hires you, you'll help him reach his career goals.

Administrative Support Sample Resumes

19 resume samples
Administrative, secretarial, clerical, and support jobs; entry-level, mid-management positions

Consulting Sample Resumes

8 resume samples
Consultants, freelancers, and entrepreneurs in the healthcare, corporate management, and technical fields

Education Administration Sample Resumes

9 resume samples
Executive and mid-level managers, as well as librarians in schools, colleges, and universities

Executive Management Sample Resumes

22 resume samples
Executive management positions within nonprofit and corporate organizations

Finance Sample Resumes

13 resume samples
Finance and accounting positions, as well as jobs in the financial services industry

Healthcare Sample Resumes

3 resume samples
Medical professionals and consultants

Human Resources Sample Resumes

9 resume samples
Human resources / personnel jobs, as well as HR-related consulting positions; entry-level through management

Inventory Management Sample Resumes

2 resume samples
Warehouse / inventory management positions in the field of manufacturing

Law Sample Resumes

4 resume samples
Attorneys, legal administrators, and law professors

Marketing Sample Resumes

16 resume samples
Marketing / promotions positions; entry-level, mid-management, and executive management

Media/Creative Sample Resumes

9 resume samples
Creative arts, writing, and technical jobs in media: publications, broadcast, marketing communications, video

Nonprofit Management Sample Resumes

2 resume samples
Director, executive director, and management roles

Operations Management Sample Resumes

3 resume samples
Executive and mid-level operations managers

Project Management Sample Resumes

17 resume samples
Project managers and those who manage projects as part of their jobs; entry-level, mid-management, and executive

Sales / Customer Service Sample Resumes

21 resume samples
Sales, marketing, and customer service positions; entry-level, mid-management, and executive management

Science Sample Resumes

1 resume sample

Social Sciences Sample Resumes

2 resume sample
Counselor and psychotherapist

Teaching Sample Resumes

15 resume samples
School teachers, professors, adult school instructors, and corporate trainers and coaches

Technical Sample Resumes

22 resume samples
Technical / engineering jobs and other positions in high-tech, e-commerce, and technical writing

Writing Sample Resumes

7 resume samples
Writers, editors, and authors in marketing, print media, and technical fields; full-time and freelance work

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