Chronological Resume Sample: Emergency Response Crisis Counselor

Here's a chronological resume sample for an Emergency Response Crisis Counselor who is making a career change from Education to Healthcare/Social Services. Although this job seeker has been in the workforce only four years, she has written a resume that's strong and highlights the skills her prospective employer is looking for.

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About This Sample Chronological Resume for an Emergency Response Crisis Counselor

There are a few points about this career-change resume for Amy (not her real name) that I'd like to point out.

  • Job Objective statement. Amy's job objective statement for her new career is very concise. No fluff. Just the precise job title listed in the job posting she found online.
  • Education. Amy's college degree and certifications are highly relevant to her career change, so she placed her Education section high on her resume. Notice the certification that says, "to be taken October 26, 2013." By adding that little phrase, Amy was able to get "credit" for the class, even though she hadn't yet taken it at the time she wrote her resume.
  • Order of bullet point statements. Under each job title, Amy put her bullet point statements in the order that best supported her new career rather than how they describe her old job. For example, under Kid Love, the third and fourth bullet points consumed most of Amy's time on the job. But the first and second points are more relevant to her job objective.
  • Volunteer work. Notice how Amy created her Community Service section to look just like her History section. That helped give her volunteer work almost as much weight as her paid work. This is key because her volunteer work strongly supports her career change.

From the Collection of Resume Examples

Amy's resume and many of the other resume examples on this site were created using professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume builder.

Chronological Resume Sample Emergency Response Crisis Counselor

After Amy wrote her resume, she sent it to a member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team for a critique. The resume was then finished according to my 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume.

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