It's Hard to Write Your Own Resume

Writing a job-winning resume for yourself isn't easy. I've met many well-educated and accomplished men and women who get stumped when it comes to promoting themselves through a resume. These job seekers might have no trouble marketing a product, a service, or even another person. Their difficulty comes when they have to sell themselves. How...more »

Tips for Updating Your Resume

I’m looking forward to the start of the new year. Things are finally looking up in the world of work. With employment opportunities on the rise, you'll want to be ready when that good job op comes your way, which may include updating your resume. Tips for Updating Your Resume Key to being ready for...more »

The 8-Second Resume Scan

What does your resume tell the employer in eight seconds? That's how long your resume has to grab the employer when he first sees it, experts say. To make the most of that precious eight-second resume scan, better make sure your resume is in good shape. What does an employer look for in that first...more »

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