Matching Resume, Cover Letter, Job Reference Page Samples

Here are several sets of matching resume, cover letter, and job reference page samples. Feel free to browse through them to see how others have created documents for the various stages of their job hunts. << Examples of Matching Resumes and Cover Letters Administrative Assistant: Resume, Cover Letter, Job Reference Page Here is Sara's job...more »

7 Examples of Degrees / Certifications in Progress on Resumes

If you want to list a college degree or professional certification on your resume but you haven't completed that degree or certification program yet, here are some examples of how to do it. In each of the Education samples on this page, you'll notice there is an incomplete college degree or certification that is followed...more »

96 Resume Achievement Statements With No Measured Results

You won't find any measured results in the following results-focused achievement statements. That's right, not a single number, percentage, or dollar sign, yet every one of them clearly points to the success of the job seeker's experience. Like the job seekers behind these statements, you may have reasons not to quantify results on your resume....more »

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