Employment Gap on Returning Military Vet’s Resume

Many US military veterans have a period of unemployment when their service is completed and they return to civilian life, especially if they have been injured or have an illness. Kimberly asked us how to handle this problem on a military-to-civilian resume. Employment Gap on Resume Due to Injury or Illness Hello, I have a...more »

Mom Re-Entering Workforce With Volunteer Experience on Resume

Full-time mothers work really hard! Raising children is a full-time job (with lots of overtime) and then there's all the volunteer work many moms do as their children grow older. Here's an email from a mom who's re-entering the workforce and has volunteer experience she wants to put on her resume. Where do I Put...more »

Ask a Resume Writer: What About a Big Job Gap on My Resume?

Got a big gap in your work history? So does Gail. She spent the last eight years taking care of her aging parents. Maybe Gail's resume solution will help you figure out what to do on your resume. Gail worked with Christy Seawall, a professional resume writer on my team. Here are the emails between...more »

When Is a Good Resume Like Swiss Cheese?

When is a good resume like Swiss cheese? When it stands strong even if it has a few holes. Yes, I’m saying there are times when you can openly have holes on your resume that don’t hurt you… as long as you build a strong structure around those holes. When you do this well, the...more »