Sample Resume Achievement Statements: Quantified But Not About Money

The best resume achievement statements are not vague. They use numbers to quantify results or levels of responsibility. Sometimes a quantified result doesn't have a dollar sign attached to it. Instead, it hits the monetary bottom line indirectly. This type of non-monetary achievement statement is a little harder for some folks to write. That's why...more »

Examples of Resume Achievement Statements: Results About Money

No more boring resumes! How are we going to accomplish that? By not writing any more boring job duties on resumes. Instead, we're going to write resume achievement statements that quantify results. Sounds good in theory, I know. But what does it look like in real life? There are two types of sample achievement statements...more »

How to Write an Executive Resume: Reflect Your Executive Self

An executive resume has some distinctly different components than that of a middle-management or more entry-level position. If you're already an executive, or if you have your eye on a C-level position (for example, CEO, COO, CFO, or Executive Director), you need to know how to write an executive resume that demonstrates your strategic, partnership/relationship,...more »