Ask Aunt Louise to Help Write Your Cover Letter

You need to write a cover letter but, you're having trouble getting started on that blank page. Here's a writing technique that I used back in my job search days. It got me out of more than a few cases of cover letter brain freeze. << Index of Sample Cover Letters << Writer's Block: Writing...more »

Matching Resume, Cover Letter, Job Reference Page Samples

Here are several sets of matching resume, cover letter, and job reference page samples. Feel free to browse through them to see how others have created documents for the various stages of their job hunts. << Examples of Matching Resumes and Cover Letters Administrative Assistant: Resume, Cover Letter, Job Reference Page Here is Sara's job...more »

Haha! Look at This: Emojis in a Resume Cover Letter Sample

Have you ever been tempted to put emojis in a resume cover letter? Or at least end one of your cover letters with a smiley face or thumbs up emoji? Maybe you want to make sure the recruiter or hiring manager sees you have a sense of humor or at least don't take yourself too...more »

Examples of Matching Resumes and Cover Letters

On this page, you'll find examples of matching resumes and cover letters. In each case, the job seeker created the resume first and then the cover letter. As a matching set, it was either sent to an employer or recruiter via email or posted to a company or resume website. << Matching Resume, Cover Letter,...more »

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