8 Examples of Resume Education Sections: Ph.D. to No Degree

I've just finished working with eight job seekers whose Education sections vary quite a bit. They run the gamut from Ph.D. to no college degree and just about everything in between.

I sometimes get questions about how to list education on a resume. Nothing explains it better than examples so here they are: those eight examples of resume Education sections I've been working on. Maybe they'll give you some ideas for how to present your education on a resume.

By the way, these Education section examples come from real job seekers from my Ready-Made Resumes program. The members kindly agreed to let me make their resumes anonymous and use them as examples to help other job seekers.

Example of CV Education Section for a Ph.D.

Here's a job seeker who wants to further her career in Policy Research. At the top of her list of college degrees is a Ph.D. in Political Science followed by her Master's and Bachelor's degrees. After all her degrees is a brief list of her relevant training.

Because this resume is an academic CV (curriculum vitae), the Education section is placed at the top of page one.

Ph.D., Political Science, 2002
Brown University, Providence RI
Dissertation: “Wbztx: Lty Qbcxnt Dqsyub Tkmzodfg”

M.Phil., Political Science, 1999
Brown University, Providence RI
Major Field: Political Theory
Minor Field: American Politics
Third Field: Comparative Politics

M.A., International Affairs, 1996
School of International and Public Affairs
Brown University, Providence RI

B.A., History and Law, 1976
University of Madrid, Spain

Relevant Training
Volunteer Training, Mooresville Hospice, Phoenix, AR, July 2010
Cultivating Presence Retreat, AR (Pickford Institute for Care of the Dying), 2010

That's not the only way to present a Ph.D. in a CV or resume. Take a look at these two resume samples that have doctoral degrees under Education.

3 Examples of Resume Education Sections With Master's Degrees

Now let's look at three sample Education sections with Master's degrees in them.

A Resume Education With a Pending MBA
Here's the Education section for a resume with a job objective for Senior Assistant Director. She's about to finish up her MBA. Here's what her Education section looks like.

University of San Diego, San Diego, CA
Masters of Business Administration, Expected Graduation: May 2014
Bachelor of Science, Double major: Accounting and Finance, 2004
(GPA 3.5/4.0)

Audit Internship, KFMB, P.A., San Diego, CA, 2004
Internship, Stafford/Peterson, San Diego, CA, 2003

Example of Recent Master's Degree in the Education Section
This job seeker is making a career change to ESL Teacher. He has a recent degree in his new field so he placed his Education section near the top of his resume. Here's what that section looks like.

Master of Education, 2012
Emory University, Atlanta, GABachelor of Science, Criminal 10
Virginia College, Augusta, GA

Example of How to List a Master's Degree in Progress
Here's the resume Education section for a job seeker who wants a job as an IT Audit Analyst. He's still working on his Master's degree so he listed it like this in his resume Education.

Master of Management Information Systems (MMIS), expected 2013
Indiana State University, Indianapolis, Indiana
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, 2000
University of Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia

Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), FDIC

Certified Expert in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Visio, Project Management, and Microsoft SQL.

Want to see full sample resumes that have Master's degrees in their Education sections? Here you go:

3 Examples of Resume Education Sections With Bachelor's Degrees

The most common college degree on a resume is the Bachelor's degree. Here are three examples of resume Education sections with Bachelor's degrees in them.

Resume Education Section for Recent Bachelor's Degree
Here's a recent college graduate who listed her new degree and honors like this:

Bachelor of Science, Mass Communication: Print/Electronic Journalism, 2012
Hesser College, Salem, New HampshireHonors:
Cum Laude
Dean’s List
High Honors Scholarships, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Certificate of Merit for Significant Contributions to Collegiate Journalism from the Society for Collegiate Journalists, 2009-2010

Example of a Bachelor's Degree That's Not So Recent
Here is the Education section for a Staff Nurse. Under her Education heading, she listed her Bachelor's degree, her nursing school diploma, and her nursing certifications.

Bachelor of Nursing Degree, Columbia College, Columbia, SC, 1999
Diploma, Manhattan School of Nursing, New York, NY, 1979

South Carolina State Registered Nurse, 1982
BLS for Healthcare Providers
ACLS Provider
Certified Professional in Utilization Review

Example of Education Section for Bachelor's Degree in Progress
This job seeker is a recent college grad. She's looking for a job in Administrative Specialist position focusing on Client Relations/Customer Service. Here's how she listed her college degree in progress on her resume:

Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies, Minor in Sociology, anticipated 2014
Providence College, Providence, RI
GPA: 3.0

I have lots of resume samples with Bachelor's degrees under Education. Here are a few of them:

Example of Resume Education With No College Degree

Many smart people in the workforce (including some high-powered senior execs) do not have college degrees. Most have some coursework, training, or professional development to list on their resumes. I have one example like that to show you here.

Here's the Education section on a Network Operations Specialist's resume. Note: This job seeker has college coursework but no college degree to list.

Education and Certification
Horizon University classes, including:
Cisco Certification (CCENT) (CCNA) and 15 additional Cisco classes
Network Reliability Baseline Technical Course
FCC Outage Reporting, General Troubleshooting, Common Language
Tools and Applications
Horizon Business Products
Digital Telephone

Also check out my group of Resume Examples with No College Degrees.

I have lots more examples of resume Education sections in my collection of Resume Samples. You can view my sample resumes by type of career, resume format, or problem solved. Hint: Under "Problem solved" you'll find lots of resumes for job seekers with new or recent degrees as well as those with no college degrees. Happy browsing!

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