Cover Letter for Marketing Director

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Regina Smith
101 Halstead Rd.
Rochester, NY 12345
[email protected]

August 3, 20xx

Mr. James Callahan
General Manager
Household Paints, Inc.
2501 Grand Blvd.
White Plains, NY 12345

Dear Mr. Callahan,

Research shows that women have a greater sensitivity to color than men. For that reason, I propose that I create a marketing program for Household Paints that targets women.

As your Marketing Director, I can design programs that keep down production costs by generating "umbrella" collateral to be used for multiple niches. My enclosed resume demonstrates how I've used this technique to save thousands of dollars and bring in significant revenue for former employers.

Let's talk in person about your new "colors for women" program. I'll call you in a few days to arrange an appointment.

Thank you!

Regina Smith

Enclosure: resume