Cover Letter Sample for a Marketing and Media Professional

Here's a sample cover letter for a Marketing and Media Professional. Pascal (not his real name) is sending his resume and cover letter to an internal recruiter (a recruiter who works in the Human Resources Department) at Blackwell University. Because he doesn't know the name of the recruiter, he starts his letter with "Dear Talent...more »

Cover Letter for a Company Website

After doing some research, Andrew found a company that was a perfect match for his qualifications as a long-distance truck driver. He went to the company's website, entered his information on the Careers page, and uploaded his resume. Then he wrote the following cover letter and uploaded it into the field of the online application...more »

Resume Cover Letter for a Resume Job Board

In addition to applying to individual companies, Suzanne posted her resume on, hoping to be found by recruiters searching the thousands of resumes on that site. Because keywords are so important to getting found, Suzanne included as many financial terms as possible in her online cover note so the database search engine would find...more »

Follow-Up Email to an Employer in Computer Chip Development

It's a simple task to follow up on a job interview request with an email. Just be sure you take full advantage of this opportunity to set yourself up for success in that interview. In the following email, Tony not only confirms the job interview by asking what time Mr. LeRoy wants to have the...more »

Follow-Up Email to Hiring Manager in Sporting Goods Sales

Brian emailed his sales resume (see Chronological Resume Sample: Marketing / Sales) to the manager of a sporting goods store. Later that week the manager replied that she was impressed by his resume and wanted to interview him. Brian sent this follow-up email to confirm.

Follow-Up Email to a Recruiter from a Job Board

Serena posted her resume (see Sample Resume for Account Manager in Sales / Marketing) on with the hope of getting a sales account manager job. After several weeks, she got an email from a recruiter who saw her posted resume. The recruiter said he wanted to talk with Serena about a job in sales,...more »

Follow-Up Email to a Recruiter for Sales Job

This is an email sent to a recruiter to follow up on the recruiter's request for a telephone interview. Allen's email message could have been really short with just a confirmation that he's available for an interview. But Allen took this as an opportunity to make a plug for the sales job he's applying for....more »

Cover Letter for Event Coordinator

Gary is a PR professional who has experience in event planning. With this cover letter and resume (see Combination Resume Sample: PR / Communications Specialist or Event Planner) he is applying for a job as an event coordinator. Of course, if he applies for a different job (for example, Marketing Associate), he will use a...more »

Cover Letter for Nursery School Teacher

Here's a cover letter sample for a nursery school teacher who is fresh out of school. With her new childcare credential, Belinda is ready to get to work. Notice how she says that she's open to any role that the school's Human Resources director needs to fill. This hardcopy letter would also work well as...more »

Follow-Up Letter for an Informational Interview

With this follow-up letter, Cindy is reconnecting with Ms. Winters, someone she met a few years ago. Cindy is not asking Ms. Winters for a job. She's thinking about making a career change from florist to event planner. She's asking for an informational interview to get insight into event planning, which is Ms. Winters' profession.

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