Sample Cover Letter for Senior Sales Account Executive

This cover letter sample is so compelling, I can't imagine that the employer would not want to interview and hire this job seeker. Anja hits every bottom line and emotional button in the book, showing off her good sales skills in the process.

Cover Letter for Event Coordinator

Gary is a PR professional who has experience in event planning. With this cover letter and resume (see Combination Resume Sample: PR / Communications Specialist or Event Planner) he is applying for a job as an event coordinator. Of course, if he applies for a different job (for example, Marketing Associate), he will use a...more »

Cover Letter for an Executive Marketing Position

Harry is a Marketing professional who has over six years of experience in product management for well-known companies (see his resume for Marketing and Product Management). Although he doesn't have experience in pharmaceutical marketing, he feels certain his transferable skills and experience will give him the insight it takes to turn around Pharmtech's declining sales....more »

Cover Letter for CAD Designer

This is both a cover letter and a follow-up to a previous meeting. We can see that Pat and the manager must have hit it off when they met at a conference. This follow-up is friendly and refers to things they spoke about earlier. It also suggests things they might talk about in the future...more »

Cover Letter for Construction Project Manager

Eric is the former co-owner of a construction firm that closed due to the slow economy. He's now looking for a project manager position at another construction company — one of his former competitors. He sent his resume along with this cover letter via email.

Email Cover Letter for Multimedia Consultant

Here's a cover email to a nonprofit that serves hearing impaired clients. When Christine saw that the organization had posted a job opening for a multimedia consultant, it struck a chord. Christine is hearing impaired and has a strong technical background. She's skilled at on- and off-line media such as website design, webinars, PowerPoint presentations,...more »

Cover Letter for TV Host

Sometimes you meet someone at a networking event or other social setting and he or she says, "Send me your resume." That's when you need a good follow-up cover letter to use as an email with your resume attached. In Paula's case, she had a casual phone conversation with John, the Program Coordinator at an...more »

Cover Letter for Environmental Scientist

A colleague told Franco about a job opening for an environmental scientist at a research center in California. Franco is very interested, even though it would mean relocating from France if he got the job offer. The colleague told Franco he could drop his name in the cover letter, so Franco decided to give it...more »

Email Cover Letter for Website Designer

Kristen saw a job on Craigslist that she wants to apply for. The job is for a website designer, which is right up her alley. And the company is small, which is also the kind of friendly environment Kristen wants to work in. She sent a somewhat casual email cover letter with her resume attached....more »

Cover Letter for Employee Trainer

Mitchell is using the following cover letter (and resume) to follow up on a phone call he had with someone in his professional network, Carol Pilsner. Carol is the Director of Human Resources at a company Mitchell would like to work for. The good news is that Carol has a job opening and she wants...more »

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